Thursday, April 3, 2008

You are worthless?

This morning I have been wondering about self-worth.

So why do we seek out self-worth? As far as we can tell, other animals don't seek out validation, why do we? And if this is self-worth, why do we insist on looking outside of ourselves? I mean, that seems counter to self-worth.

I know the "Oprah" answer to the self-worth question. The problem is that we seek out our self-worth in our partners and friends. If people find me attractive, funny, smart or kind, my sense of self-worth increases. She'd be right there for damn shit. People do this. Isn't it why we post the most attractive pictures of ourselves on MySpace? Isn't it why we feel good after someone has been flirting with us on the bus? And at the flip end, if someone makes fun of the way we look, we feel bad. If we have no date for the prom, we must be pieces of shits. Oprah would then say that we all need to come to realize that we are all precious, each in her own way (Oprah would say "her"). That we don't need anyone outside of ourselves to determine that we are sexy, funny or thin. That we determine that on our own. Now go look in a mirror and tell yourself: I am sexy, funny, kind and loved.

BULLSHIT! This is a load of crap! Regardless of where you find your "self-worth," you are doing one thing and one thing only: masturbating your ego. The problem isn't that we are seeking our self-worth outside of ourselves. The problem is we are seeking out self-worth.... PERIOD. Seeking out self-worth is feeding the ego and we must abandon the ego.

Okay... we don't need to abandon the ego completely. It's a very useful tool! I mean if I truly had no ego, I wouldn't know that I am different than you such that I wouldn't know I was hungry and if I did, I wouldn't know whose mouth to put the food into. But self-worth? Is that truly what the ego is for? Inflating our importance? I don't think so.

So don't look within yourself to find your self-worth. Rather, do not look for your self-worth. Because you are worthless. hehehe

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Adam said...

Interesting point.

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