Friday, May 1, 2009

Crazy Comic Weekend

X-Men Origins: Wolverine opens up today
! Go buy your tickets now before they sell out! Many theaters are offering promotions as a means of celebrating (and to get your business). My favorite is the old standby, "dress up as a character." My wife and I discussed who we would dress up as were we to actually dress up. Although not in the movie, she decided she we be that girl with the white stripe in her hair ("Rogue?"). I said that I could do Wolverine but she didn't think me to be tall enough. Apparently she doesn't know Wolverine's actual height or she would realize that I am actually too tall to play the part (I'm over by four inches). She decided I should be the guy with the eyes who wears those glasses ("Cyclops?"). That's an easy costume.

Also, don't forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day! Blackest Night #0 (pictured) is one of the many books being handed out and it is the one I am most excited for. Supplies are limited so I suggest you get there there moment your comic book store opens. And just like the Wolverine movie, there will be all kinds of promotions. I suggest you simply wear what you wore the night before to the showing of Wolverine, assuming you went in costume!

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