Monday, February 1, 2010

New Award Ceremony

I am starting an award ceremony amongst my friends. Send me your pay stubs from this year and last and give me your boss' name and number. You may qualify for an award! Here are the categories and how I will judge them:

Best new artist: if you didn't make money last year you are a "new artist." Out of the new artists, if you made the most money, you win.

Best female artist: if you are a female and you made more money than any other female, you win.

Best male artist: if you are a male and you made more money than any other male, you win.

Artist of the year: if you mad more money than any other person who submits, you win.

Album of the year: if the company you work for makes more money off of all of your work product then any other company made off of those who submit, you win.

Song of the year: whichever one-time project made the most money wins.

Video of the year: if one of you company's clients made more money off of one of your projects than anyone else's clients made off of them, you win. FYI this is actually the hardest category to get numbers for and so is most suspect.

Well I think that's about it. I mean we could make more categories based on industries such as Best New Artist in the Legal Profession. It would be easy enough to do once we have numbers and know in which field you work.

But the important thing is I won't be looking at the creativity, complexity or quality of your work.

So submit today!

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