Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday Five

1. What was the last item you returned to a store?

A Black & Decker tiller. It was about the size of a weed wacker and cost $100. I tried it once and the picked up the hoe.

2. What do you currently have in your possession that you need to return to its owner?

I don't believe I have anything of anyone's at the moment. I do have a movie I need to drop in the mail... I guess that's the closest thing.

3. What's something you lent to someone that you'd really like back now?

I honestly don't think I have anything out there being borrowed.

4. Where's a place you hope never to see again?

County lock up.

5. What's your explanation for those wild stories about dogs and cats who get separated from their owners for years and finally make their way home, even at times finding their owners when the families have moved a long way away?

Obviously they are trying to either returned borrowed items or get back items they lent out.

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