Thursday, July 26, 2007

People are full of it, ain't they?

I am amazed at how many people out there are completely full of shit.

Let me ammend that. It's really not that they are full of shit, they just have a tendancy of doing two things:

1. They try to construct a world-view around how they want the world to be. For example, someone who likes to bone will look for a spiritual path in which "sex leads to enlightenment." Yeah I've studied the Karma Sutra. Let's express our profound spiritual connection through the centuries old act of making love. You are so full of SHIT! Isn't it our goal to clear away all of those filters we've spent our entire lives layering on? A fondness for having your wee-wee played with is one of those filters. If you construct a spirtual path around one of your favorite filters, you're screwed. Oh wait... getting screwed IS your goal... my bad.

By the way... my favorite color is blue so if anyone knows of a religion or spiritual practice that involves the color blue, let me know. I'm ready to sign up.

2. People take themselves way too seriously. To borrow a phrase from brother hippie, "Chill out, man!" I'm sorry you're anxious about "people getting me" but who cares? Is it really about others? Do you really think that you are so important that other want to "get you"? And are others so important in your life that you must have them "get you"?

Just relax, friend, pull up a pillow and try a little meditation.

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