Monday, April 20, 2009


I guess Shari and I had a very busy weekend! I won't bore you with all of the details! I'll just give you a break down.

Friday: Shari and I ate pizza with my nephew and his girlfriend at Waldo Pizza. He had just gotten his lip pierced and was in the city.  So nice to see him!

Saturday: I had my Compass of Zen class in the morning (ALWAYS an awesome time) and worked on the farm from noon until three. We showered, napped then headed off to couples yoga with our friends John and Trina.

Sunday: We started the day off at church. I have got to say that I love the services. However, they offer a ton of classes and lectures that are a bit too new-age for me. Perhaps it's the pragmatic Buddhist in me but I really don't need to see someone channeling the 12 Archangels. Granted, these are separate from the church's teachings and I have to constantly remind myself! But honestly, I wish they wouldn't put this crap in the bulletins. It just scares the straights.

Anyway, after church, Rachel (my good friend from law school), Shari and I headed off to Wally World for some gardening supplies including a brand new electric lawn mower. Our last one died right at the end of the season last year. I am so excited to start this bad boy up! Well we did some yard work, went to the grocery store, made cupcakes and walked the dogs. By the way, our tulips are gorgeous and no... the picture above is not ours although they are not far off.

Over all, it was a nice weekend. A bit busy but not in a bad way. I hope everyone else had a good one as well.

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