Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Et in terra pax hominibus.

At this time of year, there is a lot of talk about "peace."  Okay, maybe not a lot of "talk," but a lot of "peace on earth" cliches.  But what does "peace" really mean?

Peace is not something that is measured outside of ourselves.  There is no way we can look at someone and determine whether or not they are at peace.  Peace is not life without conflict.  Nobody lives without conflict.  The sheer fact that we eat means that there will be conflict over the last cookie.  Peace, rather, is a state of being.  One can be at peace in the 'burbs or one can be at peace in a war-torn state.  Having a peaceful mind helps us make peaceful decisions.  It helps us understand the difference between conflict management and conflict resolution.  It helps us understand when to pick up the drum and when to pick up the fiddle.  It helps us see what is most important in our lives.

So my Christmas wish for you is this:

May you find the path that leads you to peace.

p.s. - "hominibus" is NOT a type of van

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